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                                                                          School of Energy and Power Engineering Carries out Student Community Safety and Health Raids

                                                                          Time: 2019-06-01     Views:     News sources:

                                                                          At 22:00 on the evening of May 5, 2019, the School of Energy and Power Engineering conducted security inspections of student dormitories in three buildings in the E district and six communities in the F district. The college was responsible for community counselor Sha Mengmeng and counselor Zhou Deshuai.

                                                                          Before the community security inspection, the inspectors understood the safety accidents that were likely to occur in the dormitory during the current period, combed out the problems that occurred in the recent security inspection of the college student dormitory, and made preparations in advance; During the security inspection, the inspectors checked the names of the dormitory personnel and verified the return of the dormitory members one by one to prevent safety hazards; At the same time, the inspectors reminded the students about the contents of cleaning, cultural creation, learning style construction, and safety precautions according to the conditions of the dormitory. They emphasized that the summer is coming, the number of mosquitoes in the dormitory is increasing, mosquito nets are set up in a timely manner, and the use of mosquito repellents in the dormitory is strictly prohibited. Articles; At the same time, it is emphasized that all students should abide by the rules and regulations, do not violate the rules and regulations, do not stay overnight, and improve their own awareness of safety and prevention.

                                                                          This student community security check has improved the safety consciousness of the college student dormitory, strengthened the concept of student discipline, promoted community harmony, guaranteed the safety of the student community, helped the establishment of the college civilized dormitory, and laid the foundation for the establishment of the college star dormitory.

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